Have you inherited a garden and are happy with its organisation or landscaped structure, but perhaps you find the existing planting uninspiring and not to your taste? You may feel that the planting in your garden is in need of modernising? Have a blank space you have no idea what to do with? Are you stuck for planting ideas, or have no idea what to put where? Do you have an area of your garden where nothing seems to thrive no matter what you try?

I can help you with my bespoke design service. Using carefully selected, naturalistic, plantings and materials that fit with local vernacular I create atmospheric gardens that connect with the surroundings in which people can come together and find a place of refuge and relaxation.

Depending on your needs my design service may include: site survey, site analysis, plant itinerary, preparation of planting proposal, concept/evolution/final plan(s). I can also help you with construction, plant sourcing and planting if you so desire. Projects range from border overhauls and rejuvenation projects, to creating areas of entirely new planting or creating an entirely new garden from scratch. Contact me for a personalised quote tailored to your project.

Is there anything else I can help you with? Click the images to see more of what I do.