‘Paizay-Naudouin Front Garden


This is a walled front garden on the edge of a village. The clients had lived in this property for all of a week by the time they had asked me to produce a front garden concept for them. Most of their efforts were to be concentrated on the new rear garden concept I had also been asked to produce, but nonetheless they wanted a planting to create a more presentable entrance to the property, which was little more than a parking space. They wanted a naturalistic planting of natives and/or near natives that will cope with the climate with little to no irrigation.


The front garden is of a different character to the rear space and enjoys full sun for most of the day so I have given it a different identity. The plastic pond and surrounding stone has been removed and replaced with a mediterranean gravel garden. The limestone path that has broken and moved over the years has been relaid and repointed with lime mortar to make the space safer to walk. Crumbling stone seating has been replaced with a durable corten steel and wood ‘floating’ bench. Oversized corten steel planters are positioned to signify the property’s entranceways and planted with Olives. Stainless steel rope trellis has been installed to support and train the existing wisteria across the entire façade of the house.

This project was constructed and planted in December 2021. Its continued growth and maturity has been shared through my instagram account.