Clifton, Bristol


This was an opportunity to work in a Karena Batstone designed garden. The client had renovated a room at the front of the house and wanted the planting bed beneath the large window reworked to improve the view. The existing tree ferns were thriving and were to stay, but after many years the other planting was no longer performing well and was to be removed. The client was into clean living, yoga, zen, mindfulness.


It was clear from the outset the soil required much improvement, it was very heavy clay. Lots of organic matter was incorporated to improve drainage and fertility.

An overall feeling of calm was the order of the day and so a simple scheme of underplanting the tree ferns with Dryopteris wallichiana and contrasting Asplenium scolopendrium ferns was proposed. Carex morowii ‘Ice Dance’ was also proposed to give contrasting form and colour.

The plants were planted in an irregular naturalistic style, avoiding block planting. Space was allowed for the Carex to naturalise and some further plants (Euphorbia and Persicaria) to be added the following Spring when they became available.