Bristol Front Garden


This family had an existing lawn that simply wasn’t working in this space. The lawn was too small and therefore too fiddly to maintain with any sensible sized lawn mower. Further the garden is north facing and therefore in total shade for a substantial part of the year and in part shade during the summer months. The client wanted some evergreen plants for year round interest and for the garden to have a loose, soft feel to it. The Acer and Cherry were to be retained, although the Acer would be moved to offer it a little more shelter from prevailing westerly winds, which had a tendency to scorch the delicate leaves.


Use of various evergreen ferns, Euphorbias, Libertia, Hellebore and Hydrangea would offer a degree of permanency to the planting scheme.  Cow Parsley, Camassia, Allium, Astrantia ‘Hadspen Blood’, Alchemilla, and Persicaria would add seasonal dynamism to the scheme offering early mid and late flower respectively.  A strong use of fresh lime/acid yellow, white and a dash of deep red and blue predominate the scheme. Plants were arranged in a loose, natural style, avoiding more traditional block planting and would be allowed to self-seed naturalising the garden further.